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Welcome to American Brews and Tunes, a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to Beer and Music. Every week, Jesse and Stephen recommend new albums for each other to listen to and review on the podcast...all while trying brand new beers. Listen in to hear about exciting new American Brews and Tunes!


Episode 79: The Black Abbey Brewing Company Interview

July 10, 2019

Episode 78: One Off - Blink-182: Neighborhoods

June 19, 2019

Episode 77: Alkaline Trio: My Shame Is True - Frightened Rabbit: Painting of a Panic Attack

June 5, 2019

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Who Are We?

We are a lot of things. Human. Beer lovers. Magic enthusiasts. Music admirers. Comic Book readers. However, we are here solely for the beer and music. On this podcast, we aim to shed light on the ever growing craft beer movement by spotlighting two new American craft beers every week. Additionally, we hope to broaden our musical horizons by listening to new albums each week recommended by our respective co host. Stephen, an avid lover of the punk rock genre will recommend albums for Jesse to listen to by bands ranging from NOFX to Blink 182. Jesse, however, a indie and folk music steward will recommend albums for Stephen to listen to by bands from Arcade fire to Bob Dylan.
We hope that as you listen to our adventurous exploration of the auditory arts and artisanal libations, you will too be inspired to branch out into uncharted territory and learn to fly. Come and experience with us the world of American Brews And Tunes.


Questions, Comments and Stuff

Like what you hear? Let us know. Don't like what you hear? Don't let us know. Questions about the episode? Ask away! Feel free to reach out to us for anything and we will get back to you pretty quick!


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