Episode 16: The Descendents: Milo Goes to College - Frightened Rabbits: The Winter of Mixed Drinks

August 30, 2017

Are those bricks clean? No, it's Episode #16! In this latest adventure, our hosts peruse new American Brews and Tunes. Stephen tackles the Frightened Rabbit album called The Winter of Mixed drinks while enjoying a Schlafly Helles Lager. Jesse reviews Milo Goes to College by Descendents and tries the Stone Ruinten IPA with Orange and Vanilla. If this isn't a recipe for success, than we might need a new cookbook.



Stuff From The Episode:




Frightened Rabbit: The Winter of Mixed Drinks

   Descendents: Milo Goes to College

 Schlafly: Helles Style Lager

 Stone: RuinTen IPA with Orange and Vanilla




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